The mobile training platform
built for your team.

Bring training to your people, no matter where their work takes them.
Build microlearning courses in minutes.

Your frontline needs more than a Learning Management System

  • Create high impact, low time-commitment mobile training
  • Make training accessible anywhere
  • Offer your team courses they’ll enjoy
  • Turn training into a daily habit

Mobile training in the field

  • Create card sets with your training material
  • Add users to the platform and invite them to download the app
  • Share your card sets for everyone to access from their smartphones

Let’s make the difference!

Microlearning designed for training mobile workers.

It maximizes employe engagement by leveraging the power of microlearning.

Create laser-focused training.

TalentCards is designed to communicate information in small, memorable units.

Build card sets.

Upload content in multiple formats. Make training stick using spaced repetition.
Create quizzes to measure results.

Optimize the learning experience.

Train learners in their native language.
Gamify the learning experience. Make information accessible anywhere, any time.

Simplify admin tasks.

Instantly communicate new information. Spend less time on user management. Brand your training.
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